How it Works – Procurement/Advisory


  • Buyers fill out a buying request form with accurate listing of their Buying requirement, specifications, terms, conditions and other information necessary to build an accurate and successful pricing strategy.
  • Suppliers fill out a prequalification defined by a set of minimum requirements that suppliers must comply with
  • Shortlisted buyers and suppliers receive login credentials
  • Buyers & Suppliers meet and interact via chat box
  • Buyers gets the list of participating suppliers
  • Suppliers get to view all RFQs/BOQ/Requirements
  • Buyers and Suppliers indicate their meeting choice/Interest
  • Based on attendee interests and intent a match is made, for face to face meetings in phase 2
  • Dashboard to display scheduled meetings

Quotes are exchanged


  • 10 days before the summit, the shortlisted confirmed buyers and suppliers will be notified about their personalised meeting agenda along with a snap shot of the interactions through Phase 1.
  • Suppliers can build an accurate and successful pricing strategy based on interactions in Phase 1
  • Meeting feedback to be entered in real time by Buyers & Suppliers



  • Open message boards that let all suppliers have access to the same information from the buyer at the same time.
  • Encrypted bidder information and real time bid comparison ensures utmost transparency and broader scope for cost savings for Buyers without compromising on Quality.
  • Negotiations happen online in real time reducing the time from weeks or even months to under 90 minutes.