Why Attend?

Buyer Supplier
This type of online approach helps to cut the administrative cost of dealing with thousands of small companies , travelling to the venue, and hotel stay
Access to 500+ buying companies, expanding your reach and widening the number of contract opportunities that come within the purview of the firm.
Makes it easier to write and analyse reports on your procurement systems, meaning you can ensure that your procurement procedures conform to your policies.
An accurate listing of their Buying requirement, specifications, terms, conditions and other information necessary to build an accurate and successful pricing strategy.
The four walls of your meeting and conference venues, location, time constraints,conflicting schedules or budgets become no barrier. all you need in order to attend is a connected device and an internet connection
Avoid making procedural mistakes in submitting quotes and track your activity and success rates.
Allows easy access to more suppliers, which opens more possibilities and options. Unlike the traditional process , this enables to connect with a wide-range of suppliers not just locally, but also globally.
Even though they can’t see the names of the other bidders, or their bids, they can see how their own bids rank in comparison. It’s competitive intelligence they can’t get any other way, and far more credible than hearing about it from the buyer, or even from a third party.
Buyers can save time as our automated facility speeds up the internal process in terms of purchasing. negotiation and getting the best price can be completed in just few clicks.
Formulating a big response to RFIs and RFPs, and waiting for the buyer to analyse everything and respond used to take weeks; now it’s a scalable, repeatable process that can be done in a fraction of the time.
Facilitating networking and discussion at the highest level between senior investor decision-makers,real estate fund managers and project developers/owners
Transparent playing field, with open message boards that let all suppliers have access to the same information from the buyer at the same time. Everyone sees all the questions and answers, so they can see everyone is being treated fairly.